E-Gift Vouchers

Dear friends,

We are living in unprecedented times and it looks as if life has dealt us a bad hand this time around. COVID-19 has rocked our world and brought countries, economies, life to a screeching halt. It would be foolhardy to expect our business to remain unaffected. Adversity has a way of revealing stress and strengths.

Once the news of the shutdown of all bars and entertainment venues (from 27 March 2020 to 30 April 2020) was made known, the mood was sombre. But yet true friends both near and far came alongside us and offered with words of encouragement and support. Our hearts were touched. We hope the situation we find ourselves in will pass by quickly.

We have planned a series of initiatives that we hope can help us tide through this difficult period – one of which is the the sale of E-Gift vouchers (in $50, $100 and $500 denominations) which can be utilised at the bar when we reopen after 30 April 2020 (fingers crossed) or later.

All sales will go to ensure the survival of The Swan Song which will pay mainly for basic operating expenses (rental, continued upkeep of the premises) and the remaining to staff salaries. Nothing more. And to express our deepest gratitude, every sale of an E-Gift voucher will come with a special free dram.

We look forward to your support (no matter how big or small) – we will be eternally grateful. May you also find strength in these challenging times.


Founders of The Swan Song